Community Health Representatives – CHR

Community Health Representatives work in the communities of Spuzzum, Boston Bar, Boothroyd, and Oregon Jack Creek. CHRs play an instrumental role in bridging the gap between community members and access to health services, workshops, education, and cultural events.

The primary goal of the CHR is to promote community wellness including cultural health.

The CHRs are the people to connect with if you are concerned about a health related issue that affects you, your family or other community members and are looking for services in your area

To contact the CHR for your community please call:

  • Spuzzum – Band Office  604-863-2395
  • Boston Bar – Band Office  604-867-8844
  • Boothroyd – Contact Lou Huffman at the Band Office/Health Centre  604-867-9211

Or you can click the link below to be directed to the FTISS Staff page:

Find a CHR in your area


Home and Community Care – HCC

The Home and Community Care or HCC program provides in-community and in-home health care to community members living on reserve only. We currently have one Registered Nurse, Sunny Sundman, on contract from Seabird Island Health Services, who provides Home Care and Foot Care in Spuzzum, Boston Bar and Boothroyd.

We also have a Home and Community Care Worker (HCCW), Denise Adams, who carries out the care plans Sunny creates with and for the folks in the HCC program.

To contact Sunny, the HCC and Foot Care Nurse or Denise the HCCW call your CHR or band office. Denise can be contacted directly at 604-206-4600 or via email at

Sunny’s Schedule: This is changing soon so check the calendar for the most up to date schedule.

  • Spuzzum – as needed
  • Boston Bar – Second Thursday each month.
  • Boothroyd – Fourth Thursday each month.

**Please note that access to the HCC program is through the HCC nurses who must do an assessment for services and create a Care Plan.

The HCC program is only funded to provide secondary services Monday to Friday, during the day only. Post operative and similar care services need to be accessed from the Fraser Health Home and Community Care Program  first. 

For emergency health services call an ambulance – 911


Non Insured Health Benefits Program – NHIB

The Non Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB) is available to all registered status First Nations and infants under one year of age who have at least one parent with a status card number.

The NIHB program provides a limited range of medically necessary health-related goods and services which supplement benefits provided through private insurance plans, provincial/territorial health and social programs. The non-insured health benefits include:

  • Mental Crisis Counseling (short term mental health crisis intervention)
  • Dental Benefits;
  • Drug Benefits;
  • Vision Care Benefits;
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment Benefits;
  • Medical Transportation; and
  • Provincial health premiums (in Alberta and British Columbia).

FTISS health staff can help you find out if a medical service is funded under the NHIB program.  Please check with the health manager before committing to health services like expensive dental treatment. Often the costs are covered but sometimes they aren’t. Check first to be sure.


Non-Insured Health Benefits
First Nations and Inuit Health
Health Canada
757 West Hastings Street, Suite 540
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 3E6

Telephone: 604-666-3331
Toll-free: 1-800-317-7878

Fax: (604) 666-3200
Fax (toll free): 1-888-299-9222


Telephone: (604) 666-6600
Toll-free: 1-888-321-5003
Fax: (604) 666-5815

In-person inquiries
1166 Alberni Street, Room 701, Vancouver.

Again, this is a supplementary funding so all other resources have to be accessed and used first.


Medical Transportation Program – MT

The Medical Transportation Program (MT), also know as the Patient Travel Program is a service under  NIHB. Vince Brown is our Medical Transportation driver and Stacy Thom takes care of most of the administration for the program.

Please remember that NIHB determines what types of travel are covered and what is not.

To book Medical Travel call Stacy Thom at Tribal. Phone: 250-455-2711 or
Toll Free: 1-866-455-2711

Travel needs to be booked five days in advance. If the MT van is available we can not reimburse for use of your personal vehicle.


Mental Health Program

Melissa Nielsen, our Mental Health Counselor provides one on one and group programs for children, youth and families in all four of our communities. In addition to seeing folks and running group programs in the communities Melissa also has an office at the Boston Bar School.

Check out where she’ll be on the calendar page or contact Melissa directly at  or call Boothroyd and leave message @ 604-867-9211


Guidance Counseling, Life Skills Training

Richard James is our Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery specialist.


Family Support Program

Allan Roscoe is our Family Support Worker. Allan works in all four communities to help families, children and youth who are struggling to stay together or who just need some information or extra help. Allan is a great resource and is especially good at helping families who are involved with or at risk of being involved with the Ministry of Children and Families.

To contact Allan call any of the band offices, a CHW, HCCW or the Tribal office at  250-455-2711 or Toll Free: 1-866-455-2711 and ask that he return your call.


Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve – AHSOR


Children’s Oral Health Initiative – COHI 

COHI focuses on the prevention of dental disease and promotion of good oral health practices. The goal of COHI is to shift the emphasis from a primarily treatment based approach to a more balanced prevention and treatment focus. The focus for this program is:

  • pregnant women and primary caregivers;
  • pre-school children, 0-4 years of age; and
  • school children, 5-7 years of age.

Lise Booth from Fraser Health provides free screening and prevention treatments like floride varnishing for children 7 and under. Working with Lise is our COHI Aide Stacy Mussell.

To connect with this program contact your CHW, HCCW or band office.


Drinking Water Testing and Maintenance