Health Manager – Lee Anne Hunsbedt

Phone: 250-455-2711 Fax: 250-455-2565
Toll Free: 1-866-455-2711 Cel: 604-206-4700 or Email me at: FTISShealth@gmail.com or lhunsbedt@nntc.ca



Community Health Representative (CHR)/Home and Community Care Worker – Denise Adams

Denise works as the Home and Community Support worker in Spuzzum, Boston Bar and Boothroyd. Denise can be reached on her cell at 604-206-4600 or by email ftiss.hccw@gmail.com

Denise is also the Community Health Representative (CHR) for Spuzzum.


Community Health Representative (CHR) – Pam O’Donaghey

Pam O’Donaghey is the Community Health Representative (CHR) for Boston Bar, and the NNADAP worker, Home and Community Care Nurse.

Contact Pam at the Boston Bar Band Office – 604-867-8844


Home and Community Care Nurse – Sunny Sundman RN

Sunny works in Spuzzum, Boston Bar and Boothroyd as the Home and Community Care (HCC) RN and Foot Care Specialist.

Sunny is contracted through Seabird Island and provided Home Care Services one day per month in each of the three communities.

To make an appointment to see Sunny contact the CHR in your community or Denise Adams HCCW



Mental Health Counselor – Melissa Nielsen

Tansi, my name is Melissa Nielsen. You might now me as the lady with the dog – as Griffy (9 pounds of energy) often travels with me as co-therpaist!  I have the privildge of visiting your community every other week in order to provide counseling services for children, youth, adults, families and couples.  As well, in Spuzzum and Boston Bar we have informational sessions on ‘hot topics’, such as:  Understanding the Goals of Misbehaviour, Supporting Healthy Self Esteem, Normal Sexual Development in Children, just to name a few!

Why Counseling?  People will often seek out counseling support to have someone to bounce ideas off of – or simply just to be listened too and be validated.  Counseling is an opportunity for you to explore your future goals, tackle obstacles and become the best possible you!

What about children?  Yes, counseling is great for young children and older children.  I often use play therapy and art therapy  (toys, puppets, sand, paint, clay, etc) as tools to help children express their experiences.  This is very important as young children often do not have the vocabulary or emotional understanding to express their feelings or thoughts verbally.

Is it confidential?  This is a great question as living in a small community it can be a challenge, at times, to keep some things private.  In a counseling relationship – confidentiality is one of the most crucial components – as trust is crucial for you and the therapist to help you move in the direction you choose.

Still have a question or not sure, but curious?  Feel free to email me to set up a time/place we can meet.  mdnielsen@nethop.net  or call Boothroyd and leave message @ 604-867-9211.

Have a great day!

Community Activity Coordinator – Sooyeon Zacharias


Phone: 250-455-2711    Toll Free: 1-866-455-2711
Fax: 250-455-2565or      Email me at: szacharias@nntc.ca


Guidance Counsellor (Substance Abuse/Misuse)


Family Support Worker – Allan Roscoe


Patient Travel Clerk/Nlaka’pamux Nation Tribal Council Receptionist – Zoe Shamley

You can contact Zoe to book the Patient Travel Van at 250-455-2711 or 1-866-455-2711.


Patient Travel Driver – Vince Brown

Relief Patient Travel Drivers – Jaclyn Smith


In addition to the above staff who works directly for FTISS, the following people work in our FTISS programs but are employed by their own communities.

Community Health Worker (CHR) – Boothroyd – Lou Huffman


Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (AHSOR) – Spuzzum


Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (AHSOR) – Boston Bar


Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve (AHSOR) – Boothroyd