Fraser Thompson Indian Services Society is governed by a board of directors who represent the communities of Spuzzum, Boston Bar, Boothroyd and Oregon Jack Creek.

Anne with her always close by yoga mat

Anne Cochran – Board Support

I have been working with the FTISS since its beginnings in 1996. At that time, the Society assumed responsibility for five communities on all matters relating to education, health and child and family services.  There were so many tasks to complete that I was nicknamed ‘Oh, She’ll Do It’ as I was ready, willing and able to juggle many different projects.  Over the years, I’ve had the great honour of working with wonderful and talented people within the communities and have learned more than I could have imagined.  I’ve also made some very dear friends.

My background is in education and I’ve developed skills in health and child and family services…three areas for which I have great energy and passion.  My roles have been varied and have included everything from designing and delivering workshops to developing policy to negotiating agreements to facilitating strategic planning sessions.   Why so varied?  Because I am curious by nature and believe that although we label things differently, they are all connected.  I love establishing connections, whether it be introducing people to one another or forming new joint projects.  New ideas and new partnerships are a source of great excitement and inspiration to me.

So, if you see me running up and down the Canyon, because that is how I spend most of my time…running, just flag me down and I’ll be sure to assist in any way I can!  Otherwise, just point to the speeding car and certainly someone will know how to find me!  And if they don’t, just call NNTC (1-866-455-2711) or the FTISS office (604-876-9211) and they’ll tell you where to find me.